Mobile Home Park Masterclass

How to Crush Your Investment
(without Crushing the Little Guy)

It's time to achieve financial freedom.

Many have lost in the Mobile Home Park game, but many more have made millions in a very short time by following some simple yet uncommon rules.

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Maximize your investment.
Avoid newbie mistakes.

Glenn D. Esterson, Author/Investor

What's Included in the Course

Interactive. Challenging. Engaging.

  • 6 Hours of Video Instruction

    Learn at your own pace, as the MHP Expert walks you through the good, the bad and the ugly world of mobile home investing.

  • Lesson Assessments

    Learn more effectively and measure your knowledge retention in real time by reinforcing the course content and objectives.

  • Printable Handouts

    10+ downloadable resources including checklists, worksheets and handouts to jumpstart your launch into MHP investing.

  • Expert Deal Evaluation ($299 value)

    Enrolled students are eligible for a free 30 minute phone consultation or deal review with the Esterson Team at no additional charge.

  • Free eBook

    Register for this course and get a free downloadable copy of the best-selling book, "The Mobile Home Park Manifesto".

Now is the Time

The MHP niche is one of the last real estate verticals that still has all the right fundamentals for a highly profitable situation.

All the tools you need.

The MHP Masterclass is the perfect intersection between textbook real estate best practices and real world, tried and true experiences.

  • Easy to understand, get to the point instruction.

  • Optimized to fast-track the learning curve, without compromising quality.

  • Go at your own pace video lessons.

  • Lesson Assessments to test your knowledge.

  • Every student who enrolls in the course is eligible for a free deal evaluation from the Esterson Team.

What You'll Learn

Course Outline

  • 1

    Why MHPs are a Good Investment

    • What are MHPs?

    • Why MHPs are a Good Investment

    • The MHP Industry

    • Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Park

    • Size and Location of MHPs

    • Why MHPs are a Good Investment - Assessment

  • 2

    Planning Your First MHP Deal

    • Your First MHP Deal

    • 6 Steps to Plan Your First MHP Deal

    • Planning Your First MHP Deal - Assessment

  • 3

    Creating an MHP Database

    • Creating an MHP Database

    • Finding MHP Parks

    • Conversations with the Seller

    • Utilities at an MHP Park

    • Understanding Utility Systems

    • How to Create an MHP Database - Guide

    • Creating an MHP Database - Assessment

  • 4

    Getting Comfortable With Risk

    • Getting Comfortable with Risk

    • Risk due to Supply and Demand

    • Risks due to Investment Return

    • Managing Risks with Due Diligence

    • The Positive Side of Risk

    • Getting Comfortable with Risk - Assessment

  • 5

    Tenants and Due Diligence

    • Tenants and Due Diligence

    • Profile of an MHP Tenant

    • Good Tenants vs Bad Tenants

    • Charging Rent

    • Tenant Application Checklist

    • Tenants and Due Diligence - Assessment

  • 6

    Being an Empathetic Park Owner

    • Being an Empathetic Park Owner

    • Empathetic Capitalism

    • Ethically Raising Rents

    • Being an Empathetic Park Owner - Assessment

  • 7

    Setting Goals

    • Setting Goals

    • What are your Goals?

    • Setting SMART Goals

    • Setting Goals - Assessment

  • 8


    • Introduction to Underwriting

    • Underwriting Worksheets

    • Simple Ballpark Underwriting

    • Old-School Underwriting

    • Everything Underwriting

    • Advanced Underwriting

    • Underwriting Survey

  • 9

    Bonus Lesson: Glenn Esterson's take on today's market

    • Is this a Good Time to Buy a Park?

    • The Rundown on Rents

    • Supply & Demand

    • How to Be Competitive

    • Financing a Park

  • 10

    Course Assessment

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • 11


    • Due Diligence List

    • Templates

    • Income vs. Expenses

    • MHP Glossary of Terms

    • The MHP Manifesto (eBook)